Once a sports photographer, Captured By Kirsten candidly captures your most important celebration to date!   In effort to make you feel most like yourself, I capture every moment of love and laughter for you to relive your day again and again in a way that makes you feel like you hired your best friend. Perhaps you did hire someone who becomes a new friend, as I do with most of my clients. I believe you deserve to feel seen and heard through the collection of thoroughly captured moments. In love, I bring forth an intimacy, passion, and happiness within my couples which is how I transitioned into wedding photography; I love the way people feel in front of the lens with my confidence and direction from behind the camera.  This produces vibrant images with my attention to detail and passion for finding your best light to capture your personal story.

The best part of capturing weddings is the connection I make with my clients as we bring your visions to life through the pre-planning and enjoyment of the day itself.  On the wedding day, a series of my very favorite moments to capture are the intimate speeches, the ones sharing emotion and love where your closest friends and family members do not hold back!