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Combining both a traditional and journalistic approach, Coates Photography aims to create cinematic images that tell a story and bring back memories for years to come. Run by sisters Amber and Brittany, Coates Photography ensures that your most beautiful moments are captured so they can be treasured for the rest of your life! The sisters know that every couple is unique and has their own style and vibe, that is why they believe it is so important to get to know one another and make sure they can accurately capture each couple's personalities in their photos. Amber and Brittany love meeting new people and learning their stories, it really helps make the photos "come to life".  Coates Photography not only preserves memories, but also creates them ensuring you are having fun, from the first chat with them to the sending of the gallery! 


The sister team is passionate about photography and together they strive to capture the moments that will make your heart flutter with excitement.  They are always on the lookout for that raw and real shot.


While studying photography Brittany fell in love with portraiture and learning to discover a person’s vibe and translate it into an image. She has been working as a photographer for over a decade and thinks there is nothing more rewarding than capturing that perfect, unplanned shot. Amber studied film and pre-production and quickly realized her true passion was photography and joined her sister as an assistant and second shooter. Together they ensure no special moment is missed.


Amber and Brittany understand how much work and effort goes into planning the perfect day and they are committed to making sure that all the details are captured and highlighted as well. All their packages include a second shooter so they can ensure no moment is missed. The duo also captures various reactions for those special moments as they are a two-photographer team. Coates Photography has you covered!

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