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Naturally Captured 2019
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Naturally Captured specializes in creating cinematic wedding films with an approach that is candid and non-intrusive. This allows you to stay immersed in the experience of getting married and have your authentic moments captured with friends and family. Naturally Captured’s Lead Videographer, Jeremy Robertson, strives to capture authentic lifelong memories for couples through engaging wedding films and has been doing so for over 10 years.

Jeremy’s focus is to help couples have a great wedding day experience. The more fun a couple has on their wedding day, the better the video will be. Jeremy will guide you through the experience to make sure you look your best, but he does not force a storyline with any staging or skits. Jeremy allows the progression of your wedding day to flow naturally as it would, regardless of if he was there. He then meticulously reviews the footage and tells a story of your wedding day in a 14-minute wedding feature. With 10 minute and one-minute versions also available.

Jeremy has been fascinated with video cameras since he was little and moved to Manhattan right out of high school to attend New York Film Academy. After his studies, Jeremy worked in the Canadian film industry as a camera operator and used to edit wedding videos on his days off. His passion is capturing important family memories that last for generations and he was drawn to use his experience to make meaningful films for couples. Now, more then 10 years later, he has captured around 350 weddings.

His two favourite moments of your wedding day to capture are the personal vows during the ceremony, and the great dance moves at the reception.

“A wedding day is such a powerful and memorable day. I love being able to capture moments that only happen once in a lifetime and will be shared with future generations.”

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