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Frances Beatty Photography

A natural light photographer with a fine art background and a big heart, Frances Beatty Photography captures moments as they naturally unfold to reveal the truth and beauty of her clients. She firmly and passionately believes that photography should be about connection, feeling and creating a window into your lives for future generations to peer through. It's not a production, it's an experience. The truth is that every couple is different, and Frances finds a way to showcase the unique relationship between her couples by really getting to know them, understanding what’s most important to them, and treating each of them like friends.

Frances has been operating Frances Beatty Photography since 2014. She has connected with hundreds of couples and photographed well over 100 weddings and many more couple’s sessions. Frances has travelled around the world to document love stories but prefers the natural beauty of her own backyard in South Georgian Bay.

Clients are drawn to Frances’ work because the images feel real, natural, un-staged, and full of love. She has a unique eye for hidden and quiet details that many photographers miss, along with an unobtrusive presence that keeps her clients and their guests comfortable and relaxed. Her primary focus is on creating a memorable experience for her couples and capturing the entire day as it happens. Couples walk away from their wedding day feeling like they spent their time with an old friend, rather than a professional photographer.

“The adrenaline rush that happens on a wedding day can rob you of so many moments and memories, even the ones you are present for. I want to make sure that I can give those moments back to you, so you can relive your day for years to come and so future generations have a genuine window into your lives, rather than just pretty pictures of you on your wedding day.

On a wedding day, my favorite part is the moment a couple see each other for the first time. During that moment, there’s so much emotion. You can see all the love in their eyes. The way their breath catches for a second as it all becomes real. I live for that. Thankfully I have a camera in front of my eyes, so nobody can tell that I’m probably crying too.

I want you to feel something when you see my images, whether you know the people in them or not; I want to take you to the moment when that image was taken, and to preserve that memory and that feeling for my couples and their loved ones to relive forever. Let me be your eyes on your wedding day; you focus on enjoying the moment, and I’ll focus on capturing it all for you.”

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