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Tips For Great Candid Photographs

BY: Corynn Fowler ~

A growing number of couples are valuing candid, natural, and emotive photographs more than the still and perfectly posed imagery of wedding days gone by. People want photographs that capture the real moments of their wedding day, that allow them to have fun, and that preserve the emotions and personalities of their loved ones. While hiring a great photographer who emphasizes capturing candid moments is a good place to start, it’s up to you to intentionally build space into your wedding day for memorable candid moments to occur.

All too often timelines get hectic and rushed, and at the end of the day everything feels like a blur. Instead, here are four perfect opportunities to build time and space into your wedding day where you can be present and take time to live in the moment. Adding any one of these to your wedding day plans will set the stage for a gorgeous and meaningful series of candid photographs you will treasure forever!

Getting Ready

Getting ready is the perfect opportunity to capture memorable candid moments with your closest family and friends. Rather than feeling rushed through the process of getting ready, plan some activities that will get you and your loved ones interacting during this time.

With your wedding party, do something fun like taking a few minutes to have a nostalgic dance party to your favourite pre-teen tunes, or exchange gifts and cards with your group. For added emotion, read the cards out loud, or take a moment to individually tell each person how much they mean to you.

To get great candid moments with you parents, make sure to intentionally invite them to take part in some important moments with you. If your mom is helping you get dressed, invite her ahead of time to help you put on your finishing touches. After finishing your dress, take a moment to thank her with a few kind words. Having a first look with parents is also great candid opportunity, and can be made even more meaningful by taking time to exchange a heartfelt gift or card with your family.

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